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Greener Together

Kabin is taking part in Greener Together, an environmental project
aimed at reducing personal CO2 emissions from energy use, transport
and waste. We would be glad if you or any of your colleagues would
like to take part.

The project involves a six month study into changes we can make to how
we live. You would be asked to make one or more pledges to reduce your
carbon dioxide emissions or waste.

I am the designated ‘eco-operator’ for this project at Kabin, and will
do my best to support you throughout the project. All you need is a
willingness to make changes aimed at reducing your impact on the

Climate change affects us all and by working together now we can
reduce our impact for future generations. Greener Together – the
co-operative way is all about working together to make a difference.

Full details of the project are at http://www.greenertogether.coop/

If you are interested, either contact me on celliott73@gmail.com with
any questions, or register directly at
http://www.greenertogether.coop/user/register .

When you register, please make sure to select “Social Economy &
Co-operative Development Cornwall Limited (KABIN)” as the
participating organisation.

Please pass this on to any colleagues who may be interested.

Clayton Elliott

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